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Muscovy Duck - Muscovy Mansion PRESS RELEASE

Muscovy ducks have become so much part of Helen Kendall Smith's life over the past five years that she has been inspired to write a series of charming and beautifully-illustrated children's books which capture the magic of these amusing creatures.

The first two books in the Muscovy Mansion series have just been published and the stars are Helen's own ducks, which have their own palatial outdoor quarters at her home. She has devoted many, many hours on a daily basis to capturing their antics on camera and these wonderful photographs are the key element, telling in pictures and skilfully-chosen, rhymes how these quirky characters spend their days. The aim of Muscovy Mansion is twofold – to help instil in youngsters a love of reading and to spread the message about the real affection and enthusiasm this breed of ducks can inspire among their fans.

With quirky, innovative and modern storylines written in short, easy verse; ducks using computers and iPads - their adventures are quite unusual. Helen really took time to ensure that this, combined with the exciting full colour photographs, would make them great reading books for both young children and as natural world story books to share with adults.

Muscovy ducks

Muscovy ducks first became the light of Helen’s life over five years ago – and it was love at first sight. They quickly established themselves as much-loved family pets and have provided her with endless amusement ever since.

The Muscovy is the total opposite of the classic tale about an ugly duckling turning into a beautiful bird,” says Helen with a smile. “They are beautiful ducklings which develop into large birds, with red lumps on their faces, called caruncles which grow during adolescence. While a Muscovy duckling is adorably beautiful, many people don’t find the adult duck so handsome, but to me their distinguishing features add to their wonderful personalities....I believe that as well as enjoying all the benefits of technology such as Ipads and Playstations, children deserve to learn to love reading and to appreciate the natural world, which is why I wanted to make my books an adventure in pictures and words of my real, living Muscovy characters, which would captivate parents and children alike.

Children loved the proofs that Helen read
The first two Muscovy Mansion books – Not a Real Turtle and Minding Your Manners, are now available to order. These unique A4 books are PUR bound in expectation of being read often.

Muscovy Mansion